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Staff Responsibilities

Activities and venues are continually monitored by the management team. Centre Staff are assigned responsibility to discharge their duties safely and effectively. Their plans for each day are discussed formally within a staff meeting and are always subject to veto by the management team. This applies particularly to the choice of activity and venue.

There is a degree of transferability of responsibility between Centre staff and Visiting staff during the stay of a group. The body of responsibility for the students when on activities rests with the Centre staff. As it is not expected that Visiting staff are experienced in any of the outdoor activities pursued any other arrangement wouldn’t be logical. However, it is suggested that visiting staff should be enthusiastic and supportive of the work done by Plas Pencelli staff. Visiting staff will also want to be involved in issues to do with student behaviour.

The Instructor will discuss with the Visiting member of staff their role on any specific day. Schools benefit tremendously from the shared experience between staff and students.

It is highly desirable that at least one member of Visiting staff accompanies each activity group during the day. If this is not possible we will always ensure that there are at least 2 responsible adults with every activity group.

The evening session is coordinated by a Plas Pencelli Instructor with the help of Assistants and Visiting staff. At 9.15 pm Visiting staff take welfare responsibility for their students until 9am the next day. A member of the Plas Pencelli staff will be in residence every night undertaking security duties and is also available in case of domestic crisis. For more serious incidents a member of the management team will be on call and reside locally.

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