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Outdoor Health & Safety

The Centre complies with current legislation on the operation of outdoor activity centres. This involves compulsory annual inspection by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) on behalf of the Health & Safety Executive. In brief this looks closely at the staff used, the procedures employed, the activities undertaken and the facilities and equipment used. Further background information is available on the website www.aala.org.uk. This information may be useful for parents. Meanwhile the Department for Education and Skills has issued generic guidance to schools on educational visits. Much of this guidance overlaps with the work of AALA. Again Plas Pencelli uses this valuable source of guidance. In terms of activities there is great emphasis placed on LEA advice and also advice by technical advisors. The staff pool at Plas Pencelli contains sufficiently experienced and qualified staff that most technical aspects can be covered “in house”.

A wide range of risk assessments covering more than a hundred locations are held. The staff we deploy are subject to Swindon Borough Council recruitment systems and are selected, trained and approved in a systematic manner. Daily activity is monitored, directed and reviewed by a tight management structure. All outdoor equipment used is chosen, inspected and maintained in accordance with guidelines laid down by the EEC. National governing body guidelines are used when running activities.

From a safety perspective Plas Pencelli monitors and controls the risks that visitors are subject to from the point of arrival until the point of departure. Additionally group organizers will also want to consider and take steps to control the risks associated with coach travel and supervising young people in a residential setting. Visiting staff retain pastoral care of their students, particularly so overnight. It is suggested that these areas would normally be risk assessed by leaders.


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Reference No: R0471
Licence No: L61643
Issue Date: 03 Mar 2022
Expiry Date: 03 Mar 2024

Plas Pencelli Outdoor Education Centre, Pencelli, Brecon, Powys, LD3 7LX

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